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Take action!

In your daily life


There are a multitude of simple steps we can take to reduce our carbon footprint at home, at work and at play. 


And doing so, is likely to have a positive effect in other aspects of life such as saving money, feeling healthier and happier and being more connected to the people surrounding us and our environment.

Ideas for personal action to reduce carbon footprint

Household - Electrify everything: switch to Synergy Natural Power, solar panels (preferably with battery storage), LED lightbulbs, induction cooktops, heat pump hot water systems, ceiling fans, reverse cycle air-conditioning, disconnect from gas, wash in cold water, laundry air dry.

Food - use a shopping list to avoid food waste, create your own new recipes with surplus food or leftovers, reduce meat consumption for better health of planet and person, shop at local farmer’s markets.

Garden – replace verge and garden with native plants, use a wicking bed to grow plants or vegetables, consider a water tank, request a verge tree from Council.

WasteRefuse, Reduce, Reuse, Repair, Recycle, Recover: Buy from bulk food/zero waste stores. Use reusable coffee cups or take-away containers. Join your local BuyNothing group. Shop at Op Shops. Recycle correctly, visit Recycle Right.  Use the FOGO bin and recover organic waste.

Terracycle - Community Collection Hubs for toothbrushes and razor blades etc.

REDcycle soft plastics at Coles and Woolworths.

Officeworks - to recycle pens and markers, mobile phones and accessories, data storage (CD, DVD, USB keys), batteries, ink and        toner cartridges, computers and accessories. 

Containers for Change for eligible drink containers.

Transport – walk, ride a bike, catch public transport, buy an electric bike, scooter or electric car, lift share, turn off your car engine whilst parked (particularly at schools), offset air travel buying carbon credits.

Work - switch off artificial light and use natural light, choose energy efficient light bulbs, choose laptops over desktops, use hibernation features on all computers, use energy-saving features on all devices, buy energy efficient devices, do an energy audit, switch off equipment when not in use, print only when necessary, control your heating and cooling, segregate waste for recycling (paper and cardboard, printer cartridges, mobiles, batteries, etc.

Finance - Switch to fossil fuel free superannuation. Click here to check your super fund.

Buy shares in ethical companies.

Holidays – local holidays, Do Good holidays, volunteer to plant trees or offset air travel by buying carbon credits (e.g. through Carbon Positive Australia.

Personalreduce clothes consumption, repair and/or re-gift unwanted clothes, make your own personal hygiene and/or household cleaning products.


Click here to print the flyer - Ideas for Personal Action



In your community

If adopting new behaviours is not enough for you and you'd like to do more, get involved in the community and advocate for stronger actions on climate change.


Join a community group and volunteer e.g., Melville Repair Lab., Trillion TreesIf you would like to give your time to Melville City CAN contact us.


Lobby – Contact your local councillor, your state or federal MP about the urgency of reducing emissions. Join a group like Citizens’ Climate Lobby.


Current Members - Parliament of Western Australia 

Current Members - Parliament of Australia

Useful Links to inspire change

Living Smart

Climate Clever


Plastic Free July

Switch Your thinking

Click here for 13 Energy saving ideas for a sustainable workplace

Click here for No Fossil Fuel Superannuation



Bulk food stores  

        Small Farms wholefoods (Applecross)


        The Source (Melville)

        The Storehouse Fremantle

        Kakulas Sister (Fremantle)

        Loose Produce (Victoria Park)

        Manna Wholefoods (South Fremantle)

Farmers markets

        Manning (Saturdays 7:30-12:30) George Burnett Park, Manning Rd, Karawara

        Fremantle (Sundays 8-12) Bruce Lee Oval Beaconsfield.   /

        Palmyra (Sunday 7.30 - 11.30) Palmyra Primary School, McKimmie Rd, Palmyra 

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