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Where to now?




Throughout the process, MCCAN members have established good relationships with the City of Melville Councillors and local council administration, also developing many contacts within the community.  The committee has also provided the CoM executive staff with examples of climate emergency action plans, to help them with their deliberations.  Given that there are already excellent plans in a number of local councils, we hope that the CoM emergency plan may be developed in less than two years. 


Since the Councillors vote in June 2021, MCCAN have met with the executive staff at the CoM to follow up on the beginnings of the emergency action plan and offer assistance wherever we can.  We aim to have quarterly meetings with the CoM executive and with some Councillors to monitor the development of the plan.  As time goes on, we hope there will be many opportunities for community members to get involved and offer input into the plan.


The committee is also informing many community members, community groups and businesses of the climate emergency declaration and the emergency plan development.  The more people in the community who are aware of this action, the more hope will be generated and this may further facilitate members of our community to take their own actions to reduce their C02 emissions.

While all this is going on, see what actions households can take to reduce C02 emissions.

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